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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
I'm brooding 5 chicks, 2 are silkies which I bought specifically because my daughter wanted those fluffy, friendly, pet chickens. Out of all the chicks it is the silkies who are the most skittish and least responsive to our touch. The complete opposite of what I've read. We have one RIR who will literally stretch out her neck and close her eyes after just a couple of strokes; the whole room is filled with "Ahhhhhhhhhhh look at this". All the chicks are 2 weeks old now and the personalities are pretty constant.
Any advice about silkies is welcome. Any suggestions on how to steer the silkies in the pet direction?
Thanks so much
Welcome to BYC. Just gently stroke them daily and they will come around. A little hand feeding with treats will help too if they aren't too responsive to the stroking they will love the food.

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