Chicks piping on day 20


Apr 21, 2015
So i have six eggs in my bator still air, humidity at 65% and temp around 100-101F. First time with a bator.
Last night I heard peeps and looked in and had a piped egg. this was at 10:00pm. Two more have pipped. They haven't made much progress there is some but not a lot, is this normal?? Am i just too worried or am I doing something wrong??
I can still hear peeping ever once in a while.
its also been almost 12 hours and the most I have is a bit of pipping in three of my eggs and three haven't done anything yet. The chick that has piped to the left has piped almost in the middle and is the most active out of all of them. I hope that the LO makes it.
Wow! Ok! That makes me feel better... so I just need to relax a bit (so hard!) and let them do what they are made to do. When they start to zip do they just keep working at it or do they rest a lot between action??
I have one that has started to zip now so excited! it is either one of my black sex links or my Chantecler/Orpington/Aussie! I can't wait to see what they look like!

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