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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by KDOGG331, May 1, 2009.

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Hi everyone. I think that might want some chicks but I am not sure. I think I have been bit by the "chicken bug". [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] This is the second time I have been bit. [​IMG] I went through this chicken phase last year too. [​IMG] Anyways here I am again with this chicken thing. I am not so sure my parents would appreciate my getting chickens though... [​IMG] We already have a 13 yr old neutered male Yellow Lab named Bailey, a 7 yr old neutered male cat named Mittens, and a male (I'm pretty sure) parakeet named Buffy. I also have 2 brothers. One is older and one is younger. Ben is 18 yrs old and is going off to college next year. Marcus is 13 yrs old. I myself am Kelsey, 15 yrs old, the only daughter and total lover of animals. I think I may be the only person excited about getting chickens. [​IMG] [​IMG] But I don't know. Maybe I could convince my parents, they're already somewhat convinced I think. But I'm not too sure about my brothers though. Mmm... [​IMG] I don't know if they would be too happy haha lol [​IMG] I am rambling on and on and I really need to shut up now. [​IMG] sorry guys. But just one more quick thing before I go. If I did get chickens I think they would be Rocks (Barred and/or White) and/or Reds (RIR and/or NHR) because they are so cute and I just love them. My friend in Pembroke has 4 BR hens that the previous owner left behind when they moved. They also have tons of other animals too. I think RIRs and BRs are really cute. WRs are good too. But I don't know. I want ones that are friendly and cute and cuddley so I can love them to death hehe haha lol [​IMG] ok i am gonna stop rambling now. I really need to stop typing now. I am just gonna post this now so I can't type any more. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Apr 10, 2009
    If any of my kids (I only have 2 right now) were to come to me wanting a new pet, they would need to prove that they were going to be responsible for that pet. Particularly if they were a teenager because while they are 15 now, in 3 years they will possibly going to go off to college and then I'm "stuck" with animals I may or may not have wanted. Part of showing me that they could be responsible would be keeping their room clean at all times, taking over more of the household chores (preferably the animal related ones), keeping their grades up and starting to save the money to put towards their pet. Keeping their room clean would be a must because if they couldn't do that I wouldn't seriously think they'd keep a smelly and sometimes nasty coop clean. The household chores would show me that they would be willing to take on the added labor that each new pet brings. Grades, well, that is just the most important thing in my book as it shows that they can be mindful of the small details and large commitments that pet keeping requires. And finally, money.... like my mama used to say, "it doesn't grow on trees and if it did we'd have an orchard." The initial startup costs and maintainance costs can run a pretty penny and that in and of itself may be enough for most parents to say no given the current economic times.
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    I agree with aidenbaby. In addition, you could start buiding your coop. If you get chickens, your coop is already ready, if not, sell it! You could also impress your parents by writing an essay or such on chickens. That way, they could see that you know what chickens require, and that you are already doing work to show it. Hope this helps,

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