Chick's skin under eye blows up while exhaling . What's wrong??


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Apr 18, 2017
Yuba City , California
My 7 week old silkie chicks looks like she's having a hard time breathing when she sleeps. And when she breathes out(exhales) the skin between her eye and beek fills up with air. Like a little air pocket or balloon . It goes back down when she inhales. I noticed this a few days ago.just today her chirp sounds totally different . Like broken up kind of & lower pitch. I've been using vetrx on her nares. I first noticed 3 days ago. She's a lot smaller than the rest buts eats a ton and drinks well. I would like to treat her myself . Has any one ever experienced this or can help me in any way please? I've searched everything and can't find anything. Thank you


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Mar 4, 2016
White sulphur springs, WV
I'm new to chickens but if it was normal then developed respiratory issues acutely then I would worry about possible trauma to the face due to the swelling associated with breathing. They can also develop pneumonia sometimes. The vetrx sounds like a good idea. Make sure it's eating and drinking. U could add save a chick electeolytes to a separate water. If possible seek out an avian vet for advice or exam . I gave my chicks part of cooked pulverized egg they loved it so if not eating u could try that. Sorry I don't know more. Good luck.

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