Chicks sudden death without any signs of illness.


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Mt. Morris, MI 48458
Hello, I am just hatching for the first time, there was one chick that couldn't get out of its shell and after three days it was starting to dry out and s/he had what looked like intestines outside its body and it was full of poop, I waited till the next morning and it was suffering so I had to put it out of its misery. Then I had 2 other hatch the first one seem perfectly healthy, no signs of anything being wrong, the next one had pooped while in the shell when it finally hatched its belly was huge which from what I've read was most likely that it didn't absorb the yolk totally it seemed perfectly healthy the next day in the morning I left for about 6 hrs and when I got back one was dead and already stiff the other was dying it was very stiff and it screamed out in pain so I had to put it down because it was suffering to. If there are any ideas of what might be happening please let me know!
P.S. they were under a heat lamp and had water and food even though they hadn't eaten any yet. Thanks I really appreciate it!
im sorry it took you so long to get a reply.

so many things can affect a chick. light not hot enough, or to hot. wrong bedding (do not use cedar). if you helped them out of the shell at all, it usually isn't good for them. opening the incubator while they are still wet/hatching. to cold of water in the waterer, can chill them. even when a chick makes it out of its shell, it may still have some internal problem you cant see.

if this didn't help you, let me know and ill try to work you though it.


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