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Mar 25, 2015
Hi, I'm a newbie for chickens...
I just got my babys on the 11th and I have some questions I just can't find a answer for...
I live in new mexico and it is HOT. 109° today... I have my chicks in thier brooder and my temp says 99° with no heat lamp. They seem fine eatin ,drinkin doin wht baby chicks do. Is this too hot for them will they be ok???
Also at night it's been in the 70s they have been ok for the last few days but should I turn the lamp on? I turned it on for them for a couple of hours 2 see if they would get under it but nope. They all went 2 the other side of the brooder. Should they be ok without the lamp all together??..
Last but not least is it safe 2 give baby chicks alfalfa? my father in law grew up with chickens and other ppl have stated they love it! I gave a little bit to mine and they loved it! I know if I feed anything other than chick feed they need grit which I gave but is it safe for me to continue 2 give them alfalfa with grit. They did continue to eat thier feed too.
Thank you for any replys I'm just one worried chick mama....
If they are going away from the heat source, sounds like they don't need it! It's according how big the brooder is. I just use light bulbs for heat source, not a heat lamp. A 100 W. to start with, then down in a couple of days to a 75 W.

I have never tried giving my chicks anything but chick feed..soo..can't help you there. :)

Yup, it has been hot here, that's for sure. I like to keep mine inside for a week, especially when it's so hot. They really need a place to cool off during the day and its supposed to get even hotter! Can you bring them in during the afternoons?

If your chicks are not going under the heat lamp at night, then it's too hot and/or too close to the brooder and needs to be raised up a bit. (Oops- Cynthia beat me to it!)

I give my chicks dandelions after the first week, as long as they are eating grit. I sprinkle a bit in their food so I'm sure they get some. So alfalfa should be fine for them to peck at, but I wouldn't give them much until they are bigger. My older chickens love it when I toss a flake into the run for them to peck apart. Haven't given any to chicks under a month old though.

Good luck with your new chicks!
Thank you! I never even thought of using a 100 or 75 watt bulb. They r in a 50 gallon horse waterer. I will get a bulb 2morrow and see how they do.
Thank you Fridayyet. I need all the help I can get. My chicks r inside my rv right now but I'm having probs with one of my airconditoners. Iv been putting a frozen water bottle on one side of the brooder and they sit and peck at it sometimes.also thank you so much for your answer on the alfalfa like I said they love it. Yet I dnt want it to hurt them. I will wait until they r older to give it to them all the time. Also should I stop the grit if they r just eating chick feed?
Grit won't hurt them, but they don't really need it if they are on chick starter only. I sprinkle a tiny bit on their food and some on the floor of the brooder for them to peck at if they want.

Sorry 'bout your air conditioner, hope you can get it fixed soon! Can't believe how hot it's been lately. I think we were 102.
The frozen water bottle in the brooder is a great idea, and can help them cool off.

Also, stop by the New Mexico thread if you get a chance.
K. Good 2 hear on the grit.
I know it is so hot!I'm ready for spring and fall already lol.
When I was little I had rabbits and we would put the frozen water bottles for them so I figured I could do the same for my chicks :D
I will have 2 check the nm thread I'm still learning how 2 do everything on BYC. It's so nice I have a place with other chicken lovers :)
I wouldn't feed them the alfalfa yet just because they are so young and you don't want anything to impact their crop. You don't need that kind of trouble so early in life.

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