Chick's vent malformed -help?!


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Highland, Utah
I have a question about the vent on our 6-week old Wyandotte we got a few days ago. She is the smallest in the group, and I think she was picked on by the larger chicks - she is missing most of her fluffy bum feathers and the stiffer upright tail feathers. She also had a messy bum. When I was washing her off, I realized that her vent isn't shaped like our other chicks and hens. I hope this makes sense - where their vents edges are smooth curves, this little chick's vent is bunched up, more like a drawstring purse (it actually looks kind of like a dog's bum). She also has one stiff feather growing out of the inside of the top of the bunched up skin.

I took some pictures of it, but am not sure how to post them on here. How do I do that?

Have any of you ever seen a chick with a vent like this? I'm concerned that it will cause problems when she starts laying. Does this indicate any other internal malformations? I'm afraid she'll end up egg bound or hurt somehow. She is shorter than the other chicks that are the same age, but not by much. She seems bonier, though, in the picture you can see her pelvic bones jutting out. She is very active, eating, drinking, pooping fine - other than the messy bum. She is spunky and sticks up for herself with the four other chicks she's with, very very curious. She's such a sweetie - I don't want to lose her, but I also don't want her to suffer if this turns out to be an indication of other internal problems.

Does anyone have any ideas?
I have no idea about your sweet chickie and I sure hope she won't have any problems!!

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