Chicks w cocci on the long til.....


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Mar 20, 2011
Lillian, AL
I posted yesterday that I had a couple 6 week old chicks w cocci. I have the main population on corrid as well as the two isolated chicks. After 3 full days on corrid they are so much better. Eating and drinking and chirping away. The main population appears to be fine, no new illnesses. All will b on corrid for the next 4 days. My question is when can I put the isolated ones that had the bloody stools and symptoms back w main population?
Most older chickens from 9-20 weeks old are building immunity to coccidiosis, or may be already immune. How old are your other chickens? If the chicks caught it in your ground it is everywhere anyway, and all of the others have been exposed, and have probably become immune. Your 6 week olds could benefit from another 1/3 "preventative" dose of Corid in 3 weeks from completion of this treatment dose. That would 1/3 of the dose you are now giving. Be sure and give to couple of days worth of vitamins and probiotics after each Corid treatment.
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The chicks were all together. I moved them out of the brooder into a closed coop. I had another flock previously in that coop that had just started laying, so I shifted everyone around. I had cleaned the coop but obviously not well enuff. Because within 3 days I had a 6-week old acting lethargic and puffed up. I separated it fm the others. Within a couple hours I noticed a couple more acting funny. A total of 6 I pulled out. After the second one died I figured out what was going on and started corrid right away, on all of them --but the 3 and 4 baby was past the point of drinking anything. I tried using a dropper to get medicated water down them, but it was not enuff. By morning they had died. The last two have turned around completely. And appear to b no different then the rest of the population. Since they all were exposed, I treated the whole flock. I'm just wondering if the 2 that's we're separated can go back with the others now? All are still doing corrid for 4 more days...

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