chicks will hatch soon...what do i do now


9 Years
Oct 14, 2010
i have 11 hens. in a nice coop at night, free range during the day. came home about 3 weeks ago and one buff was missing. looked everywhere, nothing. suddenly today she reappeared!gave her food and water, and watched her. long story short, this whole time she has been sitting on a clutch of eggs. by my calculations if they are going to hatch, it should be in about 5 days. Question: what do i do then! how do i get them in the coop, do i erect a special pen in the coop?do i let mama take care of them? Roo is a RIR she is a buff orp. what will chicks look like?any advice would be great.Should i move them to the coop before they hatch?
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I wouldn't move them; she'd probably move them right back anyway. I'd just let nature take its course. Chickens have been raising baby chicks in with the flock of ages, so that's what I let them do. In general, mama will protect the chicks from the other hens if needed, as will the roo. And the ones who grow up are likely to be healthy and strong and able to forage well, as mama shows them what to eat.

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