Chicks with black & deformed toes

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Aug 10, 2010
My Dorking just hatched 6 chicks. Got fertilizes eggs from a freind of a friend for her as she was terminally broody. All eggs were fertilized by one Roo. No idea of his breed. I am presuming that he must have some genetic defect as all the chicks have at least 1 deformed toe, all on right feet. Any ideas? they are not intended for breeding & seem unpeturbed by the deformities. would love thoughts or similar experiences Thanks English Hen:/
Pics would help. Also if you are keeping them in a cage with newspaper as a flooring then that might be the problem. Newpaper doesnt have enough grip so they fall and can hurt toes while there toes are growing. Hope I helped.
Thanks. Will try to get some pics. They were deformed from birth & live Semi-Freerange. Pine shavings in large coop. Still suspect Dad is the culpret!!!
does the roo have deformed toes?

sometimes what happens is that the temperature during incubation is slightly off (has your area been especially hot recently?) and it can cause curled toes. it's also a fairly common genetic defect, but as long as they aren't so curled that the chicks can't walk, usually they lead totally normal lives. black toes though are perfectly normal depending on the breed mixes, i wouldn't worry about that (unless it's black from rot as opposed to just colored that way).
Black and deformed.... deformed meaning like extra toe? If that is the case, dark (black) toes and a 6th toe on a foot or two says that one parent might be a silkies have black skin and a 5th toe normally, which are both dominant traits.
thanks for the ongoing help. Sorry have no access to Roo. No , no extra toes . The black & some slightly swollen toes are on chicks with all different coloured feet otherwise. Actually some are a bit swollen & some shrivelled. All but one are doing well , running with Ma (Zoe), even some cool perching on BIG roost log. I will try to grow up & put some pics on my site. My other hens are a bearded buff laced Polish & a Gold laced Wyandotte, both are carrying on with their lives, & noway acting as Aunts. Will keep up as I know more. Forgot to mention... Yes It has been HOT, I have plenty os shade BUT do not know conditions where eggs were laid. Thanks again
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