Chicks with blood on beaks


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Jan 11, 2014
East Lansing
I have three five-week-old chicks. Today, after putting them out in the coop for the day, I noticed they all had raw spots on their beaks (above where the beak attaches to their head, but below the comb). They looked a little bloody. Is this normal? Are they pecking at each other? I haven't seen any odd behavior. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Is it the Neosporin with painkiller? Because I've read that's not good for them. Make sure they have enough space, so they don't pick on one another. Also, you can use BluKote to cover the wounds so they don't peck any more.
Thanks so much for your kind reply. I used the Neosporin with NO painkiller. Just a little bit on their tiny wounds. I think what happened is that a neighbor came by with her dog earlier in the day, causing a dustup in their coop. (They were safe inside but I think they may have scratched each other in the excitement.) I do have some Bluekote, so I'll use a bit of that before I put them back in the brooder. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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