Chicks with general flock- creep feeder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lenka, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Soo I am now able to hatch my own chicks, thanks to Broody Roux and ... excited Philippe. Now I have chicks due in a week or so - we gave Roux 12 eggs to sit on, and i've never candled, but my dad drop one, and did say it was developing, so I know shes doing her job.

    I am planning on raising these chicks with the rest of the flock. The coop is not huge, but big enough for everyone until it gets warmer and they will move to their summer enclosure.

    I was planning on putting in a large dog crate in the coop for Roux and the chicks. The problem is that I need to add a heat lamp to it and so I can put a top on the crate. I also need to add chick feeders in there somewhere where the chicks can get to it, but not get pestered by the older birds (7 big ones). I know that I can change everyone's food to flock grower- but I still need a place for just the chicks because the main feeder is too high up for the chicks.

    Has anyone built a creep feeder type thing for chicks? or Have a suggestions on how to build one?
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    If the chicks have a good broody, they do not need a heat lamp, even with cold temps. (as long as it is a good broody)

    I would keep the hen with the chicks in a large dog crate with whatever feeder and waterer fits in the crate. You might need to put a little screen or piece of cardboard on the bottom part of the dog crate so chicks don't jump out.

    I would keep them in the crate for about a week. After that, depending on your flock, you might be able to integrate them with the rest of the flock. However, there are horrid stories of flock mates killing chicks.

    I like keeping the chicks with the broody until the chicks are old enough to run quickly away from the rest of the flock, and only then do I integrate.

    Flock raising chicks with a broody CAN work very well, it just depends on your individual flock.

    As to a creep feeder for the chicks.... might be easier to make a wire box, with the wire fence having holes large enough for chicks to pass through, but too small for grown chickens. Then put a regular feeder inside the wire box.

    Personally I would just say, ah whatever... and feed the entire flock on chick starter for about 3 weeks.
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    if you have a broody and she's gonna mother them, you really don't need to do anything. Just let nature take it's course. Hens were taking care of chicks just fine without us fussing and worrying over them and thinking we need to do more than we need to do....

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