Chicks with hen?? PLEASE HELP


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Apr 16, 2014
If I add a hen to my chicks, would the hen kill them? Would I need to separate them until the chicks got older? Thanks
Hens will kill chicks.

Optimal time to integrate new chicks with adult hens is 16 weeks of age. If you do it before, it may or may not work out, depending on the personalities of the hens.
The hen I'm getting is actually a pullet. Does that change anything?
I agree, separate. The only time this every works is if you have NEW baby chicks, like just hatched/1 day old and a broody hen who wants to be a mommy, and even then, sometimes it doesn't work. I'd suggest not putting them together until at LEAST 8 weeks of age, where the chicks are a bit bigger, but 16 weeks is preferred.
Yeah, I can separate them. I have tons of pens and runs I can use for the chicks:)
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