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Jul 18, 2020
We are planning for our first chicks this next spring. We have been reading everything we can to be prepared and to make edgucated decisions. Issue! A lot of readings/posts/articles talk of all the benefits of adult birds being around the chicks for the chicks development. Much is stated regarding all the chicks can learn from the adults. If we are getting 4 baby chicks for our first set, what are they going to miss with out having adult mentors? Or does mother nature and evolution instill all the basics? I'm our city we are limited to 4 total.
you don't need to raise chicks around adult chickens. I haven't ever introduced my chicks to my hens before they were around 3-4 months old. They develop instincts on their own and learn from eachother as well. good luck!
I second this! I got three chicks this summer and they have learned and grown together. It's my first time owning chickens and I was pretty surprised at how naturally they kinda just knew how to do things!
My first batch of 8 chicks didn't have any adults to guide them. They do just fine, their instincts kick in.
When they are in the coop, just close off the nesting boxes until they start to lay an egg.
Adults can be helpful in helping the pullets learn where to lay the eggs but then again each chicken has their own personality and will lay where they please until they are trained.
There are certain advantages to having chicks grow up with adult chickens, but also drawbacks. So it mostly balances out.

Your chicks will naturally have an instinct to do "chicken things" even without adults - they'll dust bathe, they'll vocalize, they'll hide from threats, all without an adult to show them how.

The one thing that chicks without adults may be slower at is learning to roost, but when the time comes you can take on that role by manually putting them on the roost to show them how to use it.
Ive had literally hundreds of broody hens hatch their own chicks. And over time came to realize, as much as i love seeing mamas raise their babies, chicks need other chicks more than they need mama hens. (Which is why artificial incubation is so sucessful). Also, realize that almost everybody begins their chicken adventure with baby chicks only, no older chickens waiting at home. For most people, the answer to the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is"Neither. The Chicks came first!" 😊

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