chicks wont hatch out, peep, but no pip


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11 Years
Jul 14, 2008
SW Virginia
I had 3 silkie eggs in my incubator, under the same conditions I have used in the past, and one egg pipped, but he never made it out and died. Then there were two which did nothing, and the last one, I heard it peeping but then there were several hours where there was silence and no pip was ever made so I carefully made pips all around the egg to find out that the chick had died. Why is this? I do not have a humidity reader so I am not sure what the humidity is, but I have the wells full of the appropriate water and the temperature is correct, are the shells too hard? Do I need to change the hens diet for softer eggs? Maybe the humidity was too low from the turning incubator to the hatching incubator? When I took the last one out to help pip, the white membrane appeared quite dry.

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