12 Years
Jun 5, 2007
I had an outbreak of cocci a while back. I have put most of the chickens back into the flock that looked healthy. About 50% died that got it. I now have 2 birds that are dragging on forever with symptoms of runny smelly poop, and I am afraid to put them with the rest of the birds.

One of them has practically grown up in the hospital ward. She is 5 months old now, and has been in there for months.

How do I know if they can go with the others? They are very healthy acting.
runny smelly poops may not indicate cocci at all.

it's my understanding that cocci isn't contagious from bird to bird. they get it from the soil and build a resistance as they age.
i know. but that is what they had originally. and so if the symptoms are the same, i am afraid to put them back.
i'm just wondering if her poop now really indicates the cocci. can you post a pick and get the opinions of those who know more than i do? maybe you're worrying unnecessarily.
What are you feeding the babies, by the way? Did you treat them previously? What with? After treating, did you rebuild their gut bacteria with probiotics?

What are the exact textures of the droppings: Mostly solid green to brown to tan with white urates; like chocolate pudding mostly or occassionally? Green? Orangey or rusty? etc. Greenish at all?

What's their bedding like? Shavings, straw, etc? Are they on city water or well?

If you'll start with these things, it'll help us help you.

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