Chihuahua as a predator.. Yup it happened...

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Ive been reading where peoples dogs were getting their birds.. I thought it wouldnt happen to me.. Well I have button quail which I keep their cages up high.. I had to go to a store today that kept me from the house for an hour.. I came back and some how one of them got to the cage and ripped the cage top off.. Part of the cage lid fell on one female button.. I have no idea how long she was trapped there for.. She's not doing to well.. I hope she makes it..

Two birds were hidding around the house. One I found right away. The other was like an easter egg hunt.. Im so happy I found them.. But they are very stressed out now..

One bird was laying dead on the floor.. One of my favorites.. It was a pure white one named Marshmellow.. Its parents were both of a rarer color, Tuxedo.

Below is slightly graffic..

Just because they are small dogs doesnt mean they cant do big damage.. It appeared to have had its head chewed on.. It was completely bloody and no feathers.. And the wings and tail area were almost totally stripped of feathers. And it was chewed down to the meat.. When I told my DH he said are you sure it wasnt the cat.. Well our cat was outside.. So soon the dog (when I figure out who did it) is going to go..

Does any one have a rooster I can borrow that will teach the small dog a leason..
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The dog is being a dog. I don't see why it needs rehomed. Unless you really don't like dogs. Any dog would do things like that. I've known plenty of people who had small pets in cages and said the dog had always been great with the small animals while supervised only to have a disaster when they aren't home. One person put their dog in the room with the guinea pigs in their cages while they answered the door because they knew it was a person that didn't like the dog. For 4 years the dog was fine with the guinea pigs and in the 2 hrs they spent talking to other person the dog broke every cage and killed all the guinea pigs. Another had their medium sized dogs get out of their crates while she was gone and kill all the rabbits that were in their cages. Yet another had a small terrier and thought that putting the large heavy cage on a table would stop it only to find the cage pulled off the table. The door broke when it fell. I've seen these stories over and over again on small pet forums. If you want dogs and any type of prey inside have a seperate room with a good heavy door to keep them apart. Otherwise you are bound to find your small pets killed at some point. Even if it's years down the road. Even small dogs can climb and jump and break cages open.

I would never ever leave any dog unsupervised with any smaller animal. I crate my dogs and then close the door of the room they are in when I'm gone so that there are no accidents with the cats or birds I have inside. I used to have guinea pigs and the door to the room they were in was always closed unless I was watching the dog despite having a homemade cage sturdy enough I have stood on it and could jump on it without the bars so much as bending.
Well the button quail being considered a game bird/ poultry.. And it is against the law in almost every state to have a known dog that will attack them.. I do believe I know which dog did it.. And it is a dog that is already being rehomed any way. That is another story.. The place we rent, the owners died.. New owners, new pet rules.. Which made us over the pet limit.. Already rehomed one dog. But if I find out a different dog did it.. That one will be rehomed instead..

I have had many many dogs.. With all kinds of birds/poultry and other small pets.. And not once have I ever had a dog attack and kill one.. My birds were on top of an upright freezer.. Way high.

The dog I believe did the nasty deed.. Is 6 to 7 months old.. A pup. So she needs to be broke now.. Does any one know how to break a dog from wanting to kill poultry.. I was thinking about having a real size rooster chase her.. And see how she likes it.. Maybe that would break her..

Any body want a mini hunting bird dog.. LOL
Sorry for your loss.
My dogs have killed some of my chickens too.
I also see no reason to rehome the dog.

I also fail to see how a chihuahua would be able to get some place "up high" to be able to "rip the cage top off"

I say keep the dog, and keep the quail away from it.

The shelters are packed as is. I see no reason to try to find a home for another pet.
read- she MUST rehome the dog not for chicken killing but for LIMITS in her rental

I saw my mom's yorkie (died 10 yrs ago at ago 18) get up on high things when he wanted something.

sorry for your loss
I have a tiny male Chihuahua--3 lbs. He "plays" by picking things up in his mouth and shaking the crap out of them like he's killing them. He is not a mean dog. In fact, he is actually the sweetest-natured dog I have ever had. This is just how he plays. I have no doubt that he would chase and "play with" my chicks if he could get to them.

I am so sorry this happened to you. I agree that she was just being a normal dog, though. She will probably calm down some when she grows out of her puppy stage, but dogs will always be dogs. Could you keep the dogs away by using a gate like they make for babies or by simply shutting a door so they can't get to the birds? Depending on how small the Chihuahua is, it may not be able to jump very high. Mine can't even get up on the couch without steps to help him. (I literally have a set of steps for the dog to use so he can lay on the couch.)

I personally think it would be cruel to let a rooster attack this dog to teach her a lesson. I hope you are joking about doing this.
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In my last post. I said I already had to rehome two dogs because of a different landlord for my building.. But the death of a bird, will make me choose which is the next to go.. I miss the one I rehomed terribley.. But my buttons are how I get extra cash to take care of my pets..

I have no idea how the dog got on top of a 5 foot high freezer. And the dog only has 3 good legs.. I guess it got on the table and found a way up there.. I cant put them in a room with a closed door. No where in my bottom floor has a door to the room.. And upstairs is our bedrooms.. Which are full.. I cant wait to move to a bigger place where my birds can have their own room...

ETA.. My birds are in my kitchen.. Well I guess you would call it dining room part.. I have no door.. But I did have a baby gate up.. And I found the dead bird in my kitchen.. And found my dogs in the living room when I got home.. I have one dog to old to jump.. One to fat to jump.. And the only one that could have done it was the 6 month old pup.. But she only has three useful legs.. Cause she broke a leg when she was only 8 weeks old.. Vet said she would regain use in leg.. But she hasnt.. And she was the only one that showed interest in the bird while it was dead..

No, I wouldnt have a rooster actually attack her.. But I wonder if one just scared her, just by the fact it smelt like a bird and by the size of it. The size might make her realize that birds are big and scary.. Because a rooster would be way bigger than her.. But I doubt that would even work if I wanted to try it.. Because she isnt affraid of cat twice her size..
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Well, if she needs to re-home the dogs because of new rental rules that's one thing. If she wants to re-home the dogs because of this incident, then that's probably the best decision for her. I personally wouldn't find a new home for any of my dogs (& one of them did get one of my girls, so I know how it feels), and I'm sure there are plenty of us who wouldn't dream of getting rid of our dog(s), but that is just the way we feel.

As for letting a rooster chase the dog around, I wouldn't do it. The dog could very well turn on the roo, and then you'd be exaserbating(sp?) the problem, plus putting the roo in danger. But, on the other hand, what happens if the rooster attacks the dog, and winds up really hurting it? Either way, not a good outcome.

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