Chinese Blue Breasted "button quail" hatching eggs


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We have many button quail eggs available

You can purchase 12, 24, or 50 counts

12 count is $12.00 plus shipping and handling
24 count is $22.00 plus shipping and handing
50 count is $35.00 plus shipping and handing

Paypal is [email protected]

We are offering hatching eggs from our various unrelated mating pairs of
Chinese Blue Breasted "Button" Quail. These quail are the smallest quail
in the world and known as "button" quail because of their small disposition
at hatch and of course being "cute as a button!"

"Button" Quail are ground dwellers and great for the aviary with parakeets,
doves, or finches. They are also great for fanciers because of their beautiful
colors and unique personalities.

Color Varieties Include:
Normal Blue Breasted
Normal Red-Breasted
Black Face Red Breasted
Pied (including tuxedo-pied)
And a Variety of combination of any colors above (including pearls)

I DO NOT COLONY BREED. I strive for the purest colors. Button quail are
Monogamous and I house them in separate pairs.

My breeders are fed the best gamebird feed offered to me with
high protein. They are given ground oyster shell for added
calcium as well as well as fresh greens and finch seeds.
I collect eggs throughout the day. The eggs are stored
properly and in room temperature so no development
takes place. I check each egg for cracks and flaws
(disposing those eggs if found), and will ship the eggs laid
that day to guarantee freshness.
You will receive eggs laid
at the day of shipment. I do not collect over a period of days.

Eggs have a viability of 7 days and I want you to have the best
hatch experience possible with the freshest eggs.

I DO NOT GUARANTEE HATCH RATE once the eggs leave
my farm due to post handling, weather, human error, and
incubator mishaps. We do not refund money unless we cannot
fill your order. We pack very well and rarely do breakages occur.
IF the eggs arrive damaged, please send us photographic evidence
so we can file a complaint with USPS.
We only ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays
to avoid long stays at the post office. Once the eggs ship,
they should arrive to you within 2-3 days of shipment.
A pamphlet is included which has all the basic information
you will need from incubation to caring for adults. Please
contact us if you have any questions, even after you receive
you eggs. We are always here to help.

Please pay through paypal (no e-checks please) after the
closing of the auction so that we can send the freshest eggs to you.

There may be a delay of shipping up to 10 days if an influx of orders
come in. Please make note of that. We will email you with updates
on your order so you will know what is going on.

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Is Fort Myers in north or south florida? If you're close to flagler county I'll buy directly from you. I heard you're one of the best with button quail, and I don't really wanna buy anymore from the man mine came from. Genetic diversity, ya know?
ok, i guess that you only do upper 48 + Alaska. no hawaii or Puerto Rico. can't read it. it cuts off on the edges of your add.
Is this color considered the normal blue breasted ? Or red breasted golden pearl ? This is the only color I want but not sure what its called.. Let me know so I can place an order for them. Thanks in advance
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I am sorry for those that contacted me. I moved and didn't notice the ad was still up. Eggs are back on track and the birds are very generous in their laying. Order today for your hatching needs :)

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