Chinese Painted 'Button' Quail Hatching Eggs


11 Years
Oct 17, 2008
San Diego
I have beautiful Button Quail pairs that have been hand selected for health, size, and beautiful color results of all colors/mutations, producing large and fertile Button Quail Hatching eggs. Collected and shipped fresh daily thoughout the U.S., Hawaii and Alaska included.

These are quail are raised on my private property with no other birds or visitors, it is a closed facility. Sold primarily in 2 dozen, 3 dozen, and 4 dozen quantities. More (or less) available on request. Frequently schools ask for only 1 dozen increments due to incubator size.

All hatching eggs are shipped in new environmentally safe packaging and quail egg hatching trays to insure safe shipment. I have had almost zero breakage this year. Eggs are shipped USPS Priority 2-3 day mail. (With rare exception it's been 2 days even to the furthest parts on the East Coast, (Maine). I am in San Diego.

If you'd like to improve your bloodlines please give these hatching eggs a try. You'll be pleased.

Cost is .50 cents per egg, YOU WILL RECEIVE EXTRAS!, and shipping and handling flat rate $11.95. Payment is by Paypal, (Acc: 'aviarybirdland'), Cashiers Checks or Money Orders. Orders are shipped in order of payment to be fair to new and old customers alike, but normally not more than 2 days. No shipping on Fridays due to USPS non-delivery Sundays)

Feel free to email me at; [email protected] with any questions, photo requests or references!
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