Chinese Painted Quail not hatching Day 16

remember the day you put them in does not count as a day! after the first 24 hours it is day 1. so if you put your eggs in on April 12 or 13 the hatch date would be the 28-29 give or take 2-3 days. just be patience. any pips, tiny holes or noise from them yet? good luck
Aw that's disappointing!
-next time hatching eggs I recommend candling about 5 days in to incubation to make sure they are fertile
- do you have a male? If so its sounds like there is a fertility issue going on.
" wat can i giv thm 2 make her lay ?" - make sure they have a balanced diet, quail need about 20-30% protein, I recommend reading up on their basic nutrition, the hens need some form of extra calcium, such as cuttlefish bone or crushed egg shells, in a separate bowl. They also may need more phosphorus, vitamin D, and more sunlight,
What are you feeding them?
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