Chinese Quail Recipe


5 Years
Sep 22, 2014
Portland , OR
I have been using this recipe for chicken thighs for yrs.. Do to a 90% hatch rate and coturnix quail coming out the yin-yang and growing sick of the same ole recipes I figured I would give this a go and it turned out delicious.. Please add some of your own recipes and or some side dish ones also cause I'm in need for some new finger liking ones.. I used this on 6- 3 month old jumbo's so ya might want to double it up if ya cook more. ---Ingredients---1/4 cup soy sauce---1tbsp oil----3/4 tsp mustard powder---1/4 tsp ground ginger---1/8 tsp pepper----1 clove of garlic finely minced or ya can use garlic powder... Whisk it all together and pour in a large freezer bag with the quail and let marinate while shaking it every once in awhile for 4-5 hrs( I do it overnight)... I throw em on a grill but ya could either pan fry or bake I guess... Give in a whirl....

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