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  1. LaneDavid

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    Sep 30, 2015
    Hi there, does anyone have experience crate training a shar pei puppy??
    I just got my puppy on Sunday, she is 10 weeks old....and am having a very hard time crate training her. She yelps and cries to the point of making herself vomit outside her crate twice today. Any experience with something similar or any advice is MUCH appreciated!!!!

  2. KatharinetheGr8

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    Aug 7, 2015
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    Hi @LaneDavid , It has been a long while since your post so I'm not sure if you've had any success crate training your shar pei puppy yet. I have a 5 year old peiby and we found a crate completely unnecessary. From my experience and what I've heard about the breed, they are fastidiously clean dogs and are keen to learn to be potty trained. Ours basically taught herself the right place to go and seemed to know instinctively that the right place to go wasn't the house. We only had 3 in-house accidents with her (one under the Christmas tree!) She told us when she had to go and she tends to go in the same area of the yard regularly.

    If it is chewing that seems to be your trouble, make sure you "puppy-proof" your house. Keep shoes in closed closets, keep small items off the floor and out of reach, and spray bitter "no chew" spray on attractive surfaces like chair and table legs. If you give your puppy something she knows she's supposed to chew - like a puppy chew toy, you should have minimal troubles.

    Our shar pei threw a fit about being in a crate too, and after about a week we realized that she simply didn't need to be in a crate. She was a dream to train as a puppy and retained all her training very well. It was our great pyrenees who was a nightmare to potty train and who chewed the family Bible! Yikes! Hope this late post is somewhat helpful!

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