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Sep 28, 2013
i have a problem with chipmunks and mice getting into the coop and eating the food. i have a airgun but they a HARD to shoot. i also have a small trap but i don't know what to bait it with. how do i get rid of them.

thanks in advance, red chicken guy
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If you can safely poison them then that's generally the most effective method. In general rats are more active at night so remove the feed at night for a week or so. For the chipmunks just try a small mound of the chicken feed. Maybe offer the feed supply in a different location to the chickens and have the trap where their feed usually is. To correct the problem you could just feed the amount that they would eat in about 30 minutes. That is assuming they are free ranging during the day. Also hanging the feeder to their chest height helps some. Although a lot of rats can jump that high.

Another member posted something similar to this a while back. A very good idea. I had to rescue a squirrel from one so no doubt the peanut butter will work on chipmunks as well.
How about a cat? I have barn cats, and they take care of the mice and chipmunks. They learned to leave the chickens alone, and just go after the undesirables.
we do have 5 cats and they mostly stay by the house. the chicken coop is kinda far away. the chipmunks and mice live in the chicken coop in holes and in between walls. i WONT Let the cat in the coops obviously.
Victor rat traps with peanut butter, that's how I get chipmunk and voles outta my garden, wire a small piece of nylon to the trigger filled with fresh chunky peanut butter and that way they won't lick it clean without setting off the trap.
If you have to put it in the coop, build a small box to put the trap in with holes that rodents can get in but your chickens can't, I'm sure if they pecked at the trap it would probably kill them too :(

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