Chipmunks, do they pose a threat to my chickens??


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Jun 4, 2010
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Just last week I took my kids out to the run to let the girls out for the day, my daughter walked into the run and then ran walk out, saying there was something in the coop. Well seeing we have weasels around here I thought it was a weasel, but it turned out to be a chipmunk. I didn't think much of it then. Just today I went to barn ( I have an in-barn coop) and Saw a chipmunk in the coop, 2 more outside and another at the end of the barn. I will presume they are helping themselves to feed/scratch. Do Chipmunks pose any health risks to my chickens? Anything I should worry about other than them feeding themselves??
I spoke to my husband who is out of town and he told me if I chipmunk can get into the run and coop, a weasel will too, is this also true?
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I wouldn't want them in my coop.

They're cute but they can carry Hanta virus and probably salmonella.

Try Just One Bite in bait tubes.
thanks for the info. I am pretty sure the chipmunk gained entry to the coop after I let the chickens out through the run door. My coop is all chicken wired through the top and door and the bottom has tin throughout.

is it possible for a chipmunk or weasel to get in through the 1 inch holes of my chicken wire?? I am now worried about a weasel gaining entry!!!!
Yes - a weasle can get through the 1" hole in your chicken wire. They don't need much space at all to get through. Would it be possible for you to put 1/2" or 1/4" hardware cloth where you now have chicken wire? That would definitely help deter them. (I'm not sure if you can ever STOP them...) As far as chipmunks go, they are cute but can also be destructive. They are rodents, therefore they will chew.
It is possible to put hardware cloth where I have chicken wire, the issue lies in the fact that the price for hardware cloth has skyrocketed here. so its way too expensive.

I don't have anything in the barn the chipmunks can really destroy all wires and electrical box are 5.5 feet from the ground or higher, and enclosed because we have horses. everything below 5 feet is hay/straw or wood. minus the standing storage shelves which are steel. I guess I will have to reinforce some areas with some tin as I still have some laying around.
Does anyone think chipmunks would eat/steal eggs? We have a large number of them around, and they help themselves to feed when they can (and the garden!), so we try to keep it out of their reach, but if they could get to eggs laid on the ground, would they eat that too?
I just finished reading some facts about chipmunks actually on and it states on there that chipmunks like to steal bird eggs. I would assume though chicken eggs might be a little too big for them. But I too was left wondering the same thing!!!
Chipmunks will go for both eggs and feed. They also dig tunnels that more ominous animals can use to access your birds. They also breed like a wildfire, so you have a few this year, but by next spring you will be overrun with them.

I have declared war on the chipmunks in my yard this year after they dug up about $200 worth of bulbs out of my garden. They were stealing eggs out of my coop and generally making a nuisance of themselves. There are several fewer of them around my place since the spring. A few snap traps and some target shooting with a .22 were most helpful.

My recommendation is to deal with them before they get out of hand. Good luck.

PS- Ema, they LOVE eggs. They will nibble off one end and then eat out the insides. You are left with a hollowed out shell.
Gotta agree with CMV~~Chimpmunks are predators....they will eat the eggs, they will also attempt to eat young chicks....they will BITE you if cornered....they will consume the chickens feed.

Get Rid of Them!!!!

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