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May 9, 2015
Hello, my name is Amanda & I have started raising chickens. We got them when they were a week old, they're about a month old now. They're all bantams, except 1, which is an Americana. We started with 10, as they are unsexed. Here are some pictures of them.

One of my white silkies was just attacked by my great dane. It doesn't seem to have any external damage, but I'm afraid that there is some internal bleeding, as Pearl was in my dogs mouth!! I have removed Pearl from the flock, I'm not really sure what else to do.

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If Pearl is the black and white in the last photo, she is not a silkie.

How is she acting post attack? If she isn't in shock she will probably bounce back quickly. Chickens seem to have strong recuperative powers. Just check on the wound to see there is no infection, keep it clean, and be sure flies don't lay eggs in it. Resulting maggots can quickly elevate the situation to dangerous levels. Since a dog bite is a puncture wound it could get infected - in that case she would need a proper antibiotic.

You can clean her wound with saline solution, and then apply Neosporin (no cain product) . It's best to have her away from the others because chickens are drawn to wounds and will peck and make them much worse. When she is ready to go back to the flock use some Blu kote on her to cover any lasting signs of her wounds.
Welcome to BYC, Amanda! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

Lovely flock! They are so pretty. Sorry to hear about Pearl and the attack
I agree with drumstick diva. Does she seem to act differently? She may still be in shock. Make sure the great dane can no longer get to her. If she seems ok, then she can go back with the other chickens.
I am only seeing one obvious silkie in your grouping and that is a dark gray/back bird. Of your banties(?) I see three frizzles.
This is Pearl pre incident. She doesn't have any wounds, no possibility of infection, but she seems hurt, walking lopsided & her mouth is open (is that a sign of something..?). I put her in the coop with the others & she went into the corner, didn't move. I removed her, as I was afraid the others would attack her (actually, as of today, we think Pearl is a roo, as she was pecking at one specific frizzle..who I'm guessing may also be a roo). She seems a bit more lively, do you guys have any idea how long it will take until she's out of the woods. Also, thanks for responding to my post, very nice of you :)
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