Chirping Egg Day 22, Died Overnight, Why???

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by innof8happinesses, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am soooo sad! Our Auracana Chickie didn't make it. I am wondering if I could have done something to prevent it???? Yesterday was day 22. There was no sign of pipping... Though we heard chirping from the egg starting in the evening. Since our last chickie pipped on Day23, I didn't worry too much. I went to bed and made sure the incubator conditions were all good. Then this morning.... no chirping at all. I took the egg out and began to unzip it myself. NOthing. The poor chickie must have died overnight. It looked normal in everyway except maybe that the beak was closer to the smaller end of the egg. I wonder if it tried to pip in the larger vein in the inner membrane which caused it to die or if that it ran out of air??? We are just so upset here... Should I have intervened when it was chirping? I spent so much time checking on this egg every 20-30 minutes for the past few days... I don't know if I want to go through it again and try another time!!![​IMG]
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    It's just something that happends. Maybe you didn't have enough humidity? Or the chick just wasn't strong enough to break through the egg. I've had it happen to me a few times. It sux! But that is just part of it.

  3. innof8happinesses

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    Thanks... Yeah, it really stinks. [​IMG] There was plenty of humidity, and the chick was nice and wet inside the egg. If I had known it was going to pip I guess I could have held the egg up to my ear and poked a tiny hole where the loudest chirp came from so it could breathe? Everything is a lesson... I just feel so responsible since the chicks were in my care!!!!! Maybe a mama hen would have poked it open when the chick was crying....[​IMG]
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    If the chick was strong enough it would have hatched on its on. If you help a chick out he will probably die in a couple of days. As sad as it seems its the nature takes care of its on.
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    [​IMG] sorry Was the chick at the small end of the egg? Then there wasnt anything you could have done.

    Was the chick into the aircell, or did the chick die before the aircell was opened.? If the aircell wasnt opened yet it may have been the humidity, or just something that happens.

    What humidity was the incubator at?
  6. innof8happinesses

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Sonoran Desert

    Yes, the chickie was at the smaller end partly in the middle. She was dead before I opened it. She had blood on her beak? There was a large vein in that area of the inner membrane.... I wonder if she ruptured it trying to pip, and it caused her to bleed to death... I just look back and wish I would have created an air opening myself when I heard her chirping in there...

    I don't use a hygrometer. I used water in the bottom of the incubator, and spray mist on the dome if not enough accumulates itself. There seemed to be plenty of accumulated moisture... and she was moist in her egg with not dried out membranes.

    How long does it take from time they are chirping in the egg for them to actually pip and get air... maybe she just suffocated?

    Afraid to try again! I talked to her through the egg all the time! And the other little gal I helped out because she was definitely stuck, ended up being extremely healthy and bigger than the feed bin chicks who were older than her.

    Appreciate the comforting thoughts.

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