Chirping for attention??


Apr 16, 2017
Our two chicks are almost 3 weeks old. The Ameraucana cross SS wants out of the brooder constantly. When we go talk to him, he paces in front of the brooder wall pecking at it. If we walk away he chirps like crazy. If we take the lid off, he immediately flies out and onto us. Then the second follows because she won’t be without her buddy. They have food, water, brooder is clean and a good temperature.....could this just be a super social chick??? I’ve never had one like this before. The more he grows, the more I’m convinced he is definitely a “he”, which is what I suspected from the moment he hatched!


May 17, 2021
One of my chicks are chirping really loud. He is very naughty they’re a week old. When I open the brooder and put my hand in he gets quiet and bites my arm haha but isn’t scared. Why’s he even chirping loudly. There’s only one and he’s cheeky. It’s not too hot and not too cold the rest just look at him when he’s chirping and like I said when I open the brooder he gets quiet. It’s only once in a while he chirps loudly

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