Chloe's big surprise!!!


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Okay so I posted yesterday that my Mini'rex had delivered her kits. And she was calm and relaxed so that I could feel and count heads. Last night after I put the kiddo to bed (don't want him to think he can just pick them all up and handle them whenever he wants) I got out my camera and pulled all the kits out one by one to check them over and what did I find...


A white kit?!?!?!

Chloe are you trying to tell me you want to wait til Harley is old enough to breed for your next littter?

So out of a Black Mini-rex (with only black and torts on her pedigree) and a black and white Dutch we got a white one. I am extremely excited to have found the buck I did noow if I could only get her to throw a BEW mini....

Here's the rest of the babies bringing to total count up to 6 with 3 solid black, 2 black with some white markings, and the white kit. Chloe is such a good mommy and she has done herself proud with this great little litter.
Thank you and I can't wait til the hair starts coming in to see what colors they really are.

So the little kits are showing their colors now and the little white one isn't white.... It's a tort dutch marked!!!! So even though it is a crossbreed if it's a female she will be staying with us. And now I have a better idea of what color doe I want to breed my dutch too. I'll get him a tort doe and hope for lots of color!

This is better than I could have asked for the baby is adorable and I can't wait to see how they turn out!
So updated pics of the babies 4 days old and all so adorable.
All 6 of them here it's odd just seeing one different colored than the rest.

Here we have the first one white blaze, snip on the nose and a white sock.

Second one white snip and front socks.

Third little one with white toes only.

4th with white snip and left white front sock.

5th one here with a white socks, snip, and partial collar marking.

And here is the little tort which I'm hoping is a doe. Has the most dutch marking of all the babies with a white collar, blaze, socks, and chest markings.
They are always so cute as babies! Are you trying for anything in particular, as far as markings, or do you just like the markings on that one? My kids and I breed and show rabbits in Mini Rex, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf, but we also have a Dutch and a Mini Lop as pets. We currently have one Mini Rex litter, with only 2 kits. One is a blue otter and the other is a broken castor. They were born on the 21st. We also have a Netherland Dwarf and a Lionhead that are pregnant, and another Mini Rex that I haven't confirmed yet because it's too soon to palpate. Here's my kits at 1 week old.

I used to breed for Blues and Torts in my mini-rex I just lucked out that her tort gene is so strong she has only 2 torts on her pedigree the rest are black and black broken. And as far as the buck I'll be getting either a blue or tort doe for him (dutch so he will breed purebreds). I think I would like to go for more torts and I think I have a pretty good chance of throwing them with my REW buck and Chloe. I'm also getting a tort doe this month well she's a broken tort so I'll get some more color in there as well.
I may add some blue later on in the line or lilac but I'm not sure yet I'll wait to see what she throws with my REW buck and since he was a "steal" from a pet store (great type even if he doesn't have a pedigree) I don't have any idea what colors he is more likely to throw with her. I'm mostly looking to have the purebreds for my son to show for 4-H and I will be breeding Cal/NZ for meat and meat pens for him to show as well. This is just a "small" hobby farm compared to when I was younger and had over 50 as breeding stock with numerous breeds (mini-rex, Californians, New Zealands, Tans, Jersey Woolies, Holland Lops, Polish, French Lops as well as a few mixes).
Okay updated pics at 6 weeks old!!

Here are our first litter of Blue Clover Babies up for sale!!


And individual shots of each one.


Blue Clover's Freedom


Blue Clover's Blaze


Blue Clover's Star


Blue Clover's Independance


Blue Clover's Banner


Blue Clover's Glory
Thank you and I did the names because they were ready to go on the 5th of July. Still need homes for 5 of them did have one buyer but he is not being very responsible so we have declined to sell to him.
I know you can't ever guaruntee a home where they will be safe and provided for their whole life but at least I can keep a poor owner from getting one of these little guys.

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