chocolate on eggs??

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    yes.. i'm serious... rofl... hard to be serious when you're looking at something very perplexed then realize your 6 yr old is the bane of your existence......

    so i come home to this pretty new pinkish egg... i eat my dinner and take pics of said pretty new egg... later i go out to check it again.. and it's all icky blah..... i was thinking well maybe it was her first egg and it's icky becasue it's her first egg... then i realized it was all clean and pretty a while ago... [​IMG]:idunno

    then what my 6 yr old was saying earlier as i was putting him to bed clicked... he was saying something about the pink egg and the candler box... i thought he wanted to do it later and was just glad he seemed to forget about it a few minutes later...

    apparently he only forgot about it because he did it himself.. while i was upstairs.. and he was downstairs eating a melted chocolate bar from the parade today...

    yes... i now have chocolate smears all over an egg i was going to give to someone to hatch.. lol...

    and actually before i found it with the choloate, i realized i should crack the first one open to check for the fertility bullseye.. i was thinking i'd hate to give it to someone to incubate not knowing if it was fertile... if the first one is consecutive ones shoudl be right?? and if it's not, i'll keep checking and having breakfast till i get one that is and then start saving...

    so anyway... just thought you all might enjoy a silly story about a 6 yr old boy, a chocolate bar, and an egg


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    Aug 26, 2009
    That is too cute. And even cuter that he was interested in the process. Independant little six year old you got there [​IMG]

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