Chocolate Orpington Project


Big Pippin'
11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, NC
I would like to start a project.
I would like to start working on some Chocolate Orps in either bantams or large fowl. Does anybody have any suggestions on what breeds I need to use to get the chocolate color?
lol was that after seeing the pictures I put up?

haha. I would love to start something like that. Maybe as a side project.

First we would have to figure out how to get the chocolate. It almost looks like a form or red and black.
Well, now there's a thought!

i know right!? i think that if the chocolate gene gets passed down..ur gonna get chocolate birds and so one
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lol the chocolate gene seems to be something that happened by accident as a mutation. So I don't believe you could breed your own chocolates.

Which leaves finding chocolate birds and breeding them into orps to get a chocolate color.

The problem would be finding the chocolate birds. lol

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