Choked chicken! (Now on the mend, thanks!)


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So my roo wears a no-crow collar (not making that mistake again) and he got it caught on something and was choking. I don't know how long his airway was restricted for, but it wasn't totally restricted. He had very little color in his face and the tip end of his comb seemed to be turning blue. (That color is coming back now.) We got the collar off and now have him isolated in my bathtub and he seems to not be doing so hot. His airway seems clear (I shone a light down his throat and got a really good look) but he is extremely listless, lethargic, and seems to be falling asleep with his head tilted off to one side. His breathing seems to be a bit slow.

He is responding to sounds (especially the chickens outside squabbling) and sights, but not really moving a lot. Any thoughts on what I could do for him? Should I let him just breathe and rest? He has a chick dish of water in the tub with him too.
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Not sure on this one. I wonder if the collar could have moved some of the vertebrae in his neck that is still restricting his airflow. I don't know that there is anything you can do. I would just let him rest and maybe give him some electrolytes in the water. He could be in a shock and that can be fatal, electrolytes will help with shock. Good luck, I hope he recovers
His color is back all the way now and he squwaked indignantly when he heard the hens outside squabbling over something. He's awake and moving a bit more now, but mostly he's just laying with his head drooped funny.
I'd let him rest through the day, that way he focuses on getting rest rather than resuming his roosterly duties. Sounds like he is on the mend though!
Oh, he's going to be a house chicken until he is all better. He's already the lowest ranking rooster in the world as it is, and he's my only wheaten ameraucana as well as my only roo. He's going to sleep in my tub for now. Which is all he's doing pretty much so far. Laying sadly in the tub with his head sideways funny, sleeping. I just hope he gets better because he's a breeding bird and was hard to get. :< I was gonna get him a whole bunch of new ladies in the spring!
The chickens got scared because a bucket knocked over in the wind and the commotion outside the window woke him up. He clucked and stood up all the way on his own and is now standing huddled, but upright and alert without any prompting and not lying back down. He even took a couple steps! Yay mister Wheaton!
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I'm glad he's doing better!

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