Choking button?


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Nova Scotia, Canada
I gave my button quail a couple of June Bugs (Big, stupid hard shelled flying beetle), and they are going nuts for them, shaking them around in the sand to break them into smaller pieces. Only trouble is, one female button decided to eat a piece that was still quite large. First it was stuck in her beak, then she choked it into her throat, then down. Now she looks like she has hiccoughs? Should I be worried? Did she hurt herself?
I hope your button is okay. I was told never give them bugs from the yard as they may have spray or fertilizer or something on them that could kill your buttons. you can buy or raise meal worms or other types of worms or just give them egg and greens.
She's fine now. It was rather alarming at the time, however. I'm not overly concerned with pesticides where I am, its pretty woodsy, and if anyone is using pesticides, well, its not working XD. I've been feeding my Tarantulas insects from around here for a while, and if anything is going to be adversely affected by bug poisons, its gonna be the Ts.

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