Chook (and Duck) Contest With Prize 5 - ends Sep 23rd


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Hey everyone,

Chook and Duck #5 is open!

Please submit three photos maximum, bonus points for a clever caption, and I will judge the winners on September 23rd (last week of my mid-semester break).

The winner will get a pencil sketch of their entry, examples of my drawings can be seen on previous chook contest threads.

Looking forward to your pictures. Have fun!


Crossing the Road
7 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand

Our tiny little Old English Game Bantam, Anna (who hardly lays any eggs but is so pretty and sweet we don't care).

Dorothy, our Houdan, who needs a bit of a haircut as she can hardly see. I've had one attempt at trimming it but she really needs a bit more off round the sides.

Our daughter wrapped Cinnamon Roll (8 week old Orpington chick) up in her blanket this morning (it's winter here and it was very cold this morning). Cinnamon Roll seemed quite comfortable and enjoyed the attention. She is our daughter's favourite and will have to join the menagerie.

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