Chook with runny poo and lethargic


Nov 15, 2020
Hi All,

This morning I let mt chickens out of their coop to free range as I do everyday.

This morning 1 of my chickens didn't really have an appetite, she seemed normal yesterday, foraging and eating, but today runny poo and a little lethargic.

Any ideas?
She could be sick. I'm afraid that's all you're going to get unless you can supply more information.

Your location on Planet Earth.
Age of this chicken.
Present climate and weather.
What do the chickens do all day? What do they eat?
Is she laying?
Has she had egg quality issues? Thin shells? No shells?
Yes Sorry, I live in Ballarat Victoria.
Weather is mild between 18-28 degrees.
She is laying on and off, she laid 2 eggs in a row but nothing today. The eggs that she did lay are of good quality.
The chicken's forage all day, they are free ranging, I give them fruit, rice bread and general leftovers every morning, they have pellets (golden yolk) and a mixed grain always available and plenty of fresh water. I also put apple cider vinger in the water.
She seems fine most of the day, but she will doze off for 5-10min then she is back to her normal self.
Her crop is full every day before she goes to sleep and is empty every morning. I have had her for about 6 weeks the other 2 have normal poo, I have had them for 9 months.
It could be coccidiosis. If you can find amprolium (under your local brand) , mix it into the drinking water without the ACV. All of the chickens should be treated. This one may just be the first to show symptoms. Coccidia outbreaks usually occur during warm weather, especially if you've been getting rain, too.
Thanks, I am going to the pet shop now, we have a product called Coccivet. I will begin treatment today. Fingers crossed.

She is still eating and drinking as normal, which is good. In the last 4 days she has produced 3 eggs, would she still produce eggs with coccidosis? Thanks again
Hi thanks for your response,

I went out to the pet shop and bought the coccidosis medication, I applied it to the drinking water about 16 hours ago.

When I let the chook out of the coop this morning seemed a little more lethargic then usual.

How long does it take for things to puck up?

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