Choosing a Hatchery - Proximity vs. Reputation

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by snoggle, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I'm looking at buying a few Runner ducklings later this summer. I live in Ohio and had planned on ordering them from Meyer, since they are close enough that I can pick-up day-olds from the hatchery. However, when I placed my order tonight, which included some chicks, I found that the Runner ducklings have to be shipped. So, we'll be picking up the chicks, but now I'm not sure what to do about getting ducklings.

    I've heard Metzer is top quality, but they are in California. Meyer probably isn't as good quality-wise (just what I've heard), but they would be much closer. Should I go for the hatchery with the shorter shipping distance or the better reputation? Also, since Meyer says they have to be shipped, does anyone know if they would actually be shipped from somewhere much further away (not Meyer hatchery) anyway?

    I'm just wanting a 3-4 Runners as pets/slug eaters. They don't need to be show quality or anything, just healthy. I don't mind ordering a few other ducks or chicks to meet my minimum, so that probably isn't a big factor in my decision (as long as the minimum isn't too high).

    Any other recommendations on sources for Runners that are as good as Metzer, but closer?
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    They must not breed and hatch them and will ship from somewhere else. Order from Metzers and be happy with the quality and customer service before, during and after.
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    I cannot give you input on where their ducklings come from, but you do raise an interesting point that I myself ran into when ordering turkeys this year. I ordered from Meyer because I have had wonderful experience with them in the past and I wanted to make sure that the little guys weren't traveling cross country so young. As it turns out they did have to travel cross country, from New Mexico to be exact, in March. Again, this is turkeys, I have no idea if it is any different with ducks. I asked them multiple times after I placed my order where their turkeys ship from or if they come from the state of Ohio and no one would give me a straight answer. If I was told ahead of time how far they would ship I would probably have still ordered from them, just not in March. The secrecy behind where their birds come from annoys me. I will always order chicks from Meyer, but when it comes to ducklings or turkeys I would order from someone who happily tells me where they are coming from so I can order at an appropriate time for weather conditions in all areas. Just my opinion though.
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    Some of the hatcheries get their ducklings from Privett in New Mexico.

    If you are concerned about quality, the best Runners will come from Holderread in Corvallis Oregon.
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    I ordered my ducklings from Meyer last year specifically because they were the closest hatchery to me. The shipping took three days and the label said they shipped from California. I think they get their birds from Metzer. My ducks arrived healthy and I'm very happy with them, but if I were to do it again I would order directly from Metzer and cut out the middle man. I think their pricing structures are a little different too- Metzer is cheaper (I think) if you are ordering more than a few ducklings. I'll share a pic of my blue runner from Metzer (I think!)[​IMG]
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    Well, I guess I definitely won't go with Meyer based on location, since they're just a middleman anyway. It kinda looks like no matter what, they'll have to make a cross country trip. So I guess I'll order from Metzer's or Holderread's. Now, I just have to get some place to put them set up first!
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    I ordered runners from Metzer and I live in Florida. They arrived on the morning of day 2. I went with reputation. They were very nice looking birds (I no longer have them) with a very upright stance.

    It seems that alot of the time when I read of people that have shipping problems seem to live in more rural areas. I would check with your local PO and get info for the distribution center near you to see if you could pick up there if need be.

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