Choosing coop location.....bad to be near, under cedar trees?

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  1. chickenbike

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    I know not to use cedar wood to build the coop, and not to use cedar shavings as bedding, but what about cedar needles on the ground?

    How toxic are cedar needles on the ground to chickens? I'm researching the advisability of putting my new coop in a corner of the lot where there are cedar trees? There is a cluster of 5, 40' cedar trees.
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    Apr 21, 2008
    Well, I am no expert on cedar trees and their effect on chickens. Our first chicken house and pen was under a good sized cedar tree. We had the pen there for years and never had a problem with the chickens. A bunch of them would even roost in the tree instead of in the coop. Like I said I am not an expert but from my experience it shouldn't hurt them.
  3. Katy

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    One of my pens has been under a cedar tree for almost 30 years with no ill effects.
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    Cedar trees are not a problem.

    The problem, insofar as a problem exists, is red-cedar shavings in a confined insufficiently-ventilated area, particularly if you have chicks' nosies half-buried in 'em all the time.

    There is no particular reason that I know of not to use typical cedar lumber to build the coop out of, either.
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    Cedar shavings have a large surface area that can give off fumes that can hurt the respiratory system of birds, including chickens, especially if it is in a confined space like a brooder and, to a lesser extent, a coop on a still air day. Cedar lumber or trees do not have that large surface area so is fine to use or for chickens to be around. Certain birds love to nest in cedar trees. If the cedar trees were harmful to birds, they would not survive.

    In case you or someone reading this are not sure what I mean by surface area, if you take a cedar plank and split it, you have increased the area exposed to atmosphere some. If you then split these, you have exposed more area to the atmosphere. Take it down to the level of shavings and the surface area is tremendously higher.
  6. chickenbike

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    And the consumption of cedar needles is not harmful? The ground area is full of the cedar needles, with the Spring and Fall seasons dropping them the most.

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