Chop it off?!!?


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
I just had to take my poor baby ringneck Garry to the vet.

Me and my dad had just got home from hospital, [he's been in there for about a month and he just got out] and I found my Indian ringneck stuck upside down behind his water bowl which screws on to the side of his cage. His right wing and foot were stuck through the bars of the cage at odd positions.

The vet had a look and said that he may have a broken or dislocated leg and that if it's dislocated they'd have to amputate it.
I was wondering why They'd have to amputate his leg if it as dislocated, does anyone here know?
I thought it could have something to do with a bird maybe being too fragile or something??

They took an x-ray and said they couldn't see any major breakages in the long bones but there is a small fracture at the top of his leg. And they're not 100% sure whats going to happen yet.

So yeah does anyone know why they would have to chop it off for a dislocation?
Not sure why they would suggest removing the leg unless it is hindering the bird's mobility. If it were me, I would wait and see how the bird deals with the injured leg or if more hopefully the leg heals. If the others in the flock abuse him, it may be necessary to provide a separate cage for him. Tell your Dad we send 'get well' vibes.
Thanks for the get well vibes.
We left Garry at the vets overnight. I think it was too bad to just leave and see what happens,
He wasn't using the leg at all and it was completely limp, the vet nurse and the vet noted that he seemed to be in a lot of pain and every time i touched it he'd growl at me.
He doesn't have any others in the flock except me and dad so that wont be a problem.

I just read somewhere that if a bird gets a joint dislocated it needs to be amputated because "their bones are too small to just pop back in". I dont know if that meant like, too fragile or what.

thanks for the advice.
I would go get another opinion, make sure the vet is avain vet, I had a cockateil that had a broken leg, and my vet (avain) fixed it. Ask around for a good avain vet.
The vets a pretty well known/respected one and Ive been there before a few times.
They said, the leg has a small fracture at the top but theyre not completely sure whats happening yet, thats why they're keeping him over night.
I guess I'll see what happens.
Maybe you can do some research and ask your vet, how to fix his cage up, if he has one leg.hopefully they can fix it but if not, he can over come it, his beak is the other leg also. Many parrots has one leg and living a great life. :)
Hi, sorry to hear about Garry, if they said he has a small fracture then I take it he does not have a dislocation? lol! they are two different things
birds are incredibly good healers and take most things in their stride so amputating at this stage especially for a small fracture seems a bit extreme, hopefully they have imobilised the leg and are keeping him rested say in a cat carrier so he can't climb or get into anymore mischief?
the leg should heal around 3 weeks if it is just a small fracture on strict rest if it doesn't after this time and he does seem in pain with it then amputation is an option but I would at least give him a chance, hope he heals for you.
I am a Veterinary Technician and I have worked in avian practices for the last 8 years. The only reason to amputate would be if the bird wasn't able to use it and it got in his way or the foot or leg became necrotic. Depending on where the break is it may be able to be splinted and birds heal really well. Their bones heal amazingly quickly. Once he comes home keep him on a flat surface. Make a recovery home out of a plastic container that he can't climb in. Put all of his food on the ground. Lay down paper towels or ols pillow cases that he won't snag his nails in. I can't stress how important keeping him on a flat surface is and not allowing him to climb.

Good luck!
We got him back today and they said that it isnt broken but there is a lot of bruising and quite bad nerve damage.
They gave us some anti inflammatory pain killers that just go in his water. On the little discharge slip it said that he can just be in his normal cage but I removed all but one of the perches and made it close to the bottom of the cage.
He is climbing around a lot so i was thinking of putting him in the cat carrier for a while but he seems to be okay and the vet said his normal cage was fine.

since his foot is just kind of being dragged around i was thinking of doing something to make the perch a bit softer, because usually when hes just sitting his foot is kinda squished under itself, I try to spread it out properly when I can. Does anyone think this is a good idea and does anyone have an idea of a way I could do it.
I was going to just remove the perch and put a towel at the bottom but when there was no perch he would just climb up the side of the cage and hang at the top.
Natural mama, said it right, get a plastic tub, I would cover it so its dark, he wont be playing but he will be resting just untill the leg gets better. Be careful on a blanket inside the box, I have used puppy pads, they work real good, the more rest and less use on the leg will be less stress on cockateil Apples, had to stay in a tub for three weeks, I would get her out a few times a day to love on her, then back into the tub for rest, this is.the bird with a broken leg Apples is doing great today this happened about four years ago
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