Christmas Day Chicks


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
In my first attempt ever to incubate and hatch, everything went so well. I read alot of advice on BYC and I googled questions a hundred times! I really wanted Christmas chicks, as my grandchildren would be here. Put the eggs in on Sat. Dec 3rd... first chick hatched at 12:20am on Christmas morning! It is such a miraculous process. I'm still marveling. We have 13 beautiful chicks... lost one after a difficult hatch that we did not assist. The last two were long and difficult, but this time when the chick slowed with distress and almost a day had gone by after the pipping... we helped and they are healthy and beautiful. It was an amazing Christmas for all of us. Adults marveled and the children were delighted. Oh we had a few eggs left over, that I knew would not hatch. We broke them open to find to our surprise, chicks in all stages of development! Don't know how that happened. Happy hatching to all the New Year Hatchers!!!

Oh... all my eggs came from my own little hens that I bought as chicks last spring, and Mr. Fancypants, the roo.
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