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    Jan 8, 2014
    I read somewhere on the site that cedar is toxic to chickens but I have a noble fir christmas tree...and I want to know about the advisability of using the trunk as a roosting pole AND if I can use the boughs in their nesting boxes (underneath hay) and elsewhere in the coop for their comfort and amusement? Secondly, do they HAVE to roost for their health? I have one rode island red hen who just prefers sleeping in a nesting box. I am re-building their coop, and I could use the opportunity to force her to roost by denying her any other option but this is not my instinct. If she has access and choices and she just prefers to sleep lying down, is this a problem? Thank you! I love this site. I love my chickens!
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Yes you can, they make really great coops out of untreated fir. Most chickens prefer to roost, but it is not required for health. Some breeds like silkies don't normally roost in a coop. (Between needing the extra warmth of huddling together and the fact that they can't fly it makes it hard for them to roost.) The only problem with her spending the night in the nesting box is that she will poop in there. Just make sure to clean it with the rest of the coop.
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    The problem with cedar is the dust from machining it. Used outdoors, this won't be a problem as the dust will settle quickly and become bound up with all the other things in the environment.


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