Chronic Vent Prolapse - Can she live like that?


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Mar 29, 2012
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Our 3 year old Bantam Mille Fleur is having prolapse issues. She didn't lay at all last year and hardly anything before that, and now all of a sudden she is trying every day. It seems she eventually lays one egg every 3 days or so, once she can get it out, but all the while her prolapse is hanging out. I have done every treatment I can find, from Prep H to sugar, to calcium supplements, etc. This is just repeating every time. She doesn't seem to be in too much pain, she is eating and drinking...but is this something they can live with? I would hate to put her down, because she is such a happy bird. Any advice? Once she lays the egg, (there is usually a little blood on it) her prolapse goes back in. :( I tried warm baths, witch hazel, I am just at a loss. She is such a cute little happy girl.

And why is she all of a sudden laying at 3 years old? I gave up on her a while ago, thinking maybe she just couldn't lay....weird....
You could get her to not lay any more by either spaying her or getting a hormone shot 3 times a year from a vet. She can also be stopped laying by providing darkness for 16 hours a day which is how prolapse is treated (to make them stop laying for awhile.) Sorry about your hen, Mille's are such cuties--I have a pair that just hang out all day when the hen isn't broody. She is brooding a golf ball now.

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