Chronically Broody Hen

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6 Years
May 6, 2013
White Bluff, TN
I have one little hen (Orpington) who seems to be broody ALL the time. This has been going on since about October. The first time I realized she was broody, she had pulled out all of her tummy feathers. I battled with her for a couple of days before deciding to put her in our "broody breaker". She was acting normal and then less than a week, she was back to being broody! This has been going on for months with short periods of not being broody. When she was not broody she must have seemed like a new lady in the yard because the tops of her wings and head are bare from what looks like too much male attention. She is currently in the broody breaker again starting yesterday. Her stomach, tops of wings, and head, are totally bald. She barely has a tail. She is so bald that she looks TINY, but I weigh everyone regularly and she has not lost weight.
What is up with her feathers and how can I grow them back? She looks like someone started plucking her and just stopped short! It is pitiful looking.
I've noticed that with some of my broodies, when they come off the nest to handle their business, the others will give them a hard time. Like they're trying to make her get back on the nest.

Anyway. If your intention is to break her, stick her in that cage and leave her there for a while. It may work, it may not. Some hens just will not be deterred. You might have to consider giving her some eggs or chicks, even if you just let her raise them up and then sell them.

Good luck!
A high protein feed or some feather fixer feed can help with growing back feathers. But if she's broody she won't be in taking enough to grow them back quickly. How many hens do you have? Is he the rooster's favorite? She could also be being pecked by the other hens if she's in and out of the flock due to the broodiness.

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