Chronically prolapsed one year old broiler hen laying better than my layers, and I don't want her to

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    Feb 27, 2012
    About three weeks ago I noticed my one year old rescued broiler hen Cricket in distress. She was gasping for air, straining and moaning. I brought her inside and noticed she had prolapsed, and had a perfectly egg shaped uterus hanging out of her. I did my best to try to turn and manipulate the egg to get it out of her but nothing worked. Her breathing was getting more labored so as a last ditch effort I cut a small slit with a clean exacto knife and was able to squeeze the egg out. Immediately after the egg came out two perfectly formed yokes followed, along with a lot of bright red blood. Cricket heaved a sigh of relief and although exhausted I noticed immediate improvement. I started her on biomox because I wasn't sure what damage I may have done getting the egg out. She took that for 10 days. For the next week she laid eggs/yokes and had occasionally lots of bright red blood. Three weeks later she is still prolapsed and she is still in my house. She is laying everyday, most of the time a fully formed egg, occasionally a squishy one and occasionally a yoke. Some days she has a fully formed egg and a yoke. I have her on restricted lighting but I am really perplexed as what to do here. She is still prolapsed. She is eating, drinking, active, talkative, has a nice bright red comb and not a care in the world aside from food (like any normal broiler hen). She probably weighs around 15 to 20 pounds. I know broiler hens have problems, and I never have expected a long life from her, but she has absolutely no trouble getting around at all. Her only problem is her egg laying! So do I need a diet change? She is currently on flock raiser. Do I need to cut back her calcium or raise it to keep her healthy? What do I do about the nearly permanent seeming prolapse?
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