Chukar attack

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  1. Just got my first 4 chukar, came out his morning and an unknown predator had killed two of them, one i found, in the pen next to the wire, no head or legs or wings, sounds like a raccoon just pulled off his extremities, the other one just a mound of feathers next to the fence, not sure where the body went. any help is appreciated. i have two layers standard hexgaonal poultry mesh, 2X4 heavy duty wire.... what to do?? and one has a broken wing..
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    Poultry mesh is great for keeping birds in - but does little to keep anything out, especially those (like coons) who have the ability to reach through the wire with a paw and grasp pieces/pull them through without having to actually get into the pen. The 2x4 wire is great for strength, but the openings are such that it does little to predators out as most of the common predators of birds can squeeze through with little trouble. Hardware cloth and/or hot wire will beef up your defenses.
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    Whenever dealing with predators, I do what I learned from watching Billy the Exterminator--set live traps! Don't put poison in them in case your own animals or neighbor's cats can get caught. Just make sure to check it every day so nothing starves to death in there.

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