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7 Years
Nov 14, 2012
Blissfield/Belleville Michigan
I moved from the Detroit area to Country living 2 years ago. Landing in a cute little community between Toledo and Adrian Mi, called Blissfield. So here I was a city girl in the country thinking wowwee I can have some chickens and ducks ect. Aquired 6 chicks from a local farmer and 2 ducks. By boyfriend and I prouldly commenced building a area for our chickens...3 weeks later I get a notice on the door that I cant have farm animals in the "village". I then got a visit from our local police officer...we giggled a bit as I told him my story of being a city girl just wanting a few chickens for eggs. He said again no farm animals in the village.."but officer there not farm animals, there my pets."...see thats miigez, and juan toro, chicken little, big red"...daffy and daisy duck. He started laughing and said even if ya name them there still chickens and that makes them a farm animal. Ill give ya 3 weeks to find another location or I can give you a name of a few farmers in the area that will take them.

So the saga begins>>>> So dissappointed I told my boyfriend about my delema, he kindly offered to land them in His back yard. Neither of us having any ideal what to do or how to do it begain by "WINGING IT" Chicken wire coop...a few reclaimed junk dressers a throw a way pool ladder for roosting...and waalaaa the coop starts forming. Had a few issues of chickens got 2 of them. tighten down the hatches and all is well...but wait!...were in Michigan...there going to need a place inside when it gets cold. So the journey of discovery begins.

We just finished building our coop. TOTALLY RECYCLED/RECLAIMED MATERALS!
we fell into a gold mind when one of the neighbors was tearing down a trailer. Jon went to the neighbor and asked what he was going to do with the wood and materials. Burn it! we loaded up the truck and filled it several times with trustes, sheet wood and other material. Then yet another find! our neighborhood there was a yard sale. This person must have been some type of contractor. We got rubber roofing, patio blocks and 4 10x6 industrial strenght pallets...we have a winter coop in progress!
Welcome Cyndi! Glad to have you with us.

Sorry about your initial disappointment, but so glad you found a good resolution and it's all coming together. In our county, chickens aren't considered "livestock" so we're lucky; we're allowed to have 6 roosters. Now, if only pygmy goats weren't considered "livestock" LOL
Hello and welcome to BYC
Here's the thread that explains pics:

Sounds like you had an interesting journey so far with your birds! If it was me I'd have told them chickens are not farm "animals", they are birds
Glad you found a home for them!
thanks for the welcome redsox...if ya get a chance you can look at my pics I just posted and see our progress and new coop and chicks...Im really a novice at all this and dont even know what type of chickens I have...perhaps you may be able to help me identify breeds...Ive have had the bigger chickens since may...and still no eggs from the hens :(... have any suggestions anyone?

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