Clarication on quiet breeds vs. egg production/feed ratio


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Hi All,

My wife, 4 kids (ages 61/2 and under) and I have been enjoying our initial experience of 25 hens in the past 7 months in Southern CA on our half acre. We have RIRs, black stars, red stars, Leghorns, (had some Anconas, which we recently passed off to a local here as they were getting a bit loud for our neighbor.)

We initially were picking high performers in egg production, but were remiss in not consider hens being a bit vocal for a close neighbor to our hen house on the rear of our property. A number of our choices above are still a bit noisy, but not as much as the anconas, from our perspective.

We are getting another 25 chicks soon with the idea of gradually transitioning to breeds that are known to be quiet (or at least not so noisy) as a kindness to one neighbor who appreciates quiet.

In our new order of chicks, we are considering:

5 Black Australorps
5 Wyandotte (Silver Laced)
7 Red Star (not advertized at a quiet breed, but my wife's impression is that they have been relatively quiet and they have a good feed to egg production ratio)
3 Buff Orpingtons
2 Araucanas
3 Plymoth Rocks (not advertized as a quiet breed)

Any feedback you would offer on the selction in terms of any that you think may still be a bit noisy? Do they all have a good feed to egg ratio? I have read that the red stars according to some have consumed half the feed of RIRs with the same egg production, etc. The Araucanas were a bit for the novelty of egg color, etc. but were described as gentle, good with kids, etc.

We would like to avoid getting more noisy hens (to be good neighbors) so any feedback you would be willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a link to BYCs breed chart, maybe the info there will help.

I've had

Black Australorps
Wyandotte (Gold Laced)
Buff Orpingtons
Barred Rocks
Speckled Sussex
Easter Eggers

All have been quiet for me. My current EEs are preternaturally quiet.

I have a Sicilian buttercup right now that is crazy curious but quiet.

good luck,

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Norwegian Jaerhons are the quitest hens I have ever had. They are lovely little hens, not much bigger than bantams, and lay lots of large white/tinted eggs so have great feed conversion. They are also autosexing so you can tell their sex at hatching. Mine are friendly and calmer than most white egg layers. However, they can fly so you will need to have a covered run if you don't want them to free range. I would recommend them to anyone but especially to suburban or urban owners.

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