Clarification on Deep Litter?

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    I was wondering if I could get a clarification if this would be the deep litter method? I have a 12x12 coop that has mostly a dirt floor. If I put down some straw and pine shavings and mixed in some DE also on floor and then whenever poop started to build up do I turn it over and add new layer of litter, or do I take away the poop and then turn it over and add litter? Also, part of the coop is a wooden platform where the roosts will be above. Do I do the same thing on this part as the the dirt floor, or do I just put litter beneath the roosts and then just take away poop when it builds up and add a little bit of litter?
    Thanks so much--PWF
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    I just stir and add some new and then clean it all out once it gets level with the bottom of the door.
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    Feb 6, 2009
    I would advise using shavings only, if you can. Straw just mucks up the works IMHO. Also, if you have a poo board under the roosts, take it to the compost pile & scrape it off. That will give you miles on your litter. You may find that stiring, raking and adding to the litter will allow you to go weeks & weeks. However, at a point, the shavings will break down & become fine and powdery. They're shot. That's when I just rake them into the run. It helps keep the mud down. After awhile in the run, I remove the shavings. I used them to put away my garden last fall.
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    At least in horse stalls, mixed bedding is a real bugger to clean. I'd suggest sticking with just one thing.

    How often to clean is totally up to you. There are as many ways of doing it as there are chicken owners, or probably somewhat more [​IMG] Whatever seems most workable to you will be fine.

    Good luck, have fun,


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