Clark county Ohio. Chickens OK?


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Springfield, Ohio

I'm in the beginning stages of my quest to keep chickens, and I thought it wise to see if I would actually be allowed to do so before breaking ground. For the life of me, I cannot find any information on ordinances related to keeping chickens. Can someone point me in a good direction, or provide me with what they've found out for themselves? Thanks much.
What city/township/other do you live in? Many have their ordinances online-go to the city web site and look for zoning ordinances. The other alternative is to call the office and ask about livestock/agriculture restrictions. Always phrase your questions so that you don't give your name/address or other identifying info-you don't want them to know who you are if chickens are illegal.
How much land do you have? This issue is covered first and foremost under state law regarding agriculture. If you have more than an acre and are not in a platted subdivision you can have livestock. If you have more than 5 acres you can have livestock even in a platted subdivision. A board of zoning appeals has no right to deny you the ability to use your land for agriculture if you have more than 5 acres.
Thanks for your replies. My township has no web postings on zoning and ordinances, so it has taken me a few days to get in touch with the proper people. After a serious game of phone tag, I finally spoke to the township zoning officer, and we took a look at where my property is situated as well as the size of my property. Bottom line is that I can have chickens if there are no nusiance problems. I found out in the call that although there are provisions against having livestock on less than one acre in my area (I have over 2 acres), the township is unable to enforce, and therefore does not enforce that ordinance (for reasons beyond me). Were my flock to reach a level at which sanitation and related issues (smell, noise) were an issue, then that would be another matter. 4H projects are also allowed, but that doesn't apply to me. The zoning officer also told me that he is aware of many people in my township who have chickens, which indicates to me that having a small flock is accepted. So, off to the next step of planning a coop/run! Thanks again for your advice.
I live in Moorfield Twp. Springfield, Ohio in Clark county. I am in Northridge. Is Chickens Ok? If so what kinds are good for our climate?

Can I also mix laying chickens with eating chickens? If I get eating chickens do I have to kill them and pull their feathers or does a meat market do this work?
I am interested in what you found out about your chickens. I also live in Northridge and have a small flock of chickens. I am right now in the middle of fighting the county over them. I was wondering if you are going through the same thing.
I am interested in finding out what happened with your chickens. I also live in Northridge and we have chickens. We are currently fighting the county of my small flock. Are you having the same issue.

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