Classify mixed breed comb type?

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    Aug 22, 2015
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    I have a bantam rooster with mixed heritage. I believe he is 1/4 Silkie, and 3/4 Bantam Cochin. His comb is very interesting, a bit too spiked for me to clearly call it a pea comb, it doesn't seem very rose comb like to me either. Almost like a cushiony pea comb style, with 2 rows of spikes. It very much resembles a low lying buttercup comb, though he's about as far removed from a buttercup as he could be. How would you classify it?[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Rose comb is probably the most malleable comb. It can be bred to be extremely spiky and huge(Redcaps), low and smooth(standard bred Wyandottes), many(most?) silkies actually have only a rose comb and lack the pea, yet they still can have shortened, widened rose combs due to modifiers and also the crest gene altering the comb. Rose comb following the head curve(wyandotte) or high with the rear flying off into the space upwards(hamburgs) And so on.

    Your bird has rose comb without/not pure for the various modifiers so that is why it looks like that.

    It does not have pea as it makes the wattles very tiny/different and it also tends not to let the big spike in rear of comb happen.

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