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    Apr 7, 2009
    I am preschool teacher about to hatch chicken eggs for the first time in my classroom! I won't be raising the chicks myself, since I live an apt, and don't have the time. The mom who is donating the eggs to our classroom has volunteered to take some of the chicks back, but we still might have extra chicks after that. Does anyone know of somewhere I could donate the chicks to, or perhaps might be interested in them themselves? I have no clue what kind of chickens this mom has, but I could find out. Any help on this would be apperciated!


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    Well where are you located?

    Our classrooms that hatch chickens let the kids put their permission slips(signed by the parent if ok) into a drawing box and at the end of the hatch they draw out a name and they get the chicks. If you hatch out say 10 and the kid only wanted 4 then draw someone else's name out and let them pick how many,. etc till they are gone. the kids love it and it is fair to everyone.

    OR Put an ad on Craigslist for chicks needing to be rehomed.

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