Classroom hatch "gone wrong" save - now what is it?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by stnkyferit, Sep 14, 2016.

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    To make a long story short, there was (again!) another classroom hatch issue I got a call for. Chick was shrink wrapped after initially pipping itself out...even though the poor thing was peeping like crazy....teacher was "well, its probably gonna die" - hence the phone call from the school nurse to me to see if I could can you listen to the poor thing screaming all day, trying to bust out of the shell, and tell the kids "its probably gonna die".....anyway...I digress...I took screaming chick who was stuck home...wrapped it in a warm wet paper towel, then put it underneath one of my broody ladies...after about 4 hours, multiple re-wrapping of shell, etc....Broody mommy and I got that baby to hatch, and she went on to raise it! Team effort! I fixed it's toes ("shoes" to straighten them), made sure it was eating and drinking, etc...and 3 plus months later...a happy healthy chicken....So NOW - what is it!

    The eggs were from a local farm where there are different roosters among araucana hens and some other brown egg came from a brown egg - so I know mom isn't the could be anyone....even a bantam....It LOOKS like it could be a black star - I have two (foster mom is a Black Star) .... I don't remember white on the head though - no crowing (yet) thinking a pullet....what do you think?
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    It looks like a pullet to me. How old?

    Barnyard mix is a pretty good guess here [​IMG]. This color is what you get when you cross a black bird with a red bird. Most common black breed is an Australorp, most common red is production red/hatchery RIR. But with that background, she could be pretty much anything.

    I can't see what kind of comb she has. If it's a straight comb, she's probably going to lay brown eggs. If a pea comb, she may be a green egger.
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    mixed breed pullet, thank you for putting in the effort and expertise to save this bird. Glad I wasn't In that teacher's classroom - would have scarred me for life.
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    Thanks everyone - hatch date June 8......not a pea comb - a "regular one"....I was kinda hoping for a roo as my last guy went down with the ship protecting his ladies and I miss him terribly....but wouldn't do another roo if I didn't hand raise....husband will be happy if its a she!
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    mixed breed pullet

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